Moja is founded on the idea of getting back to the basics – keeping things honest and thoughtful.

When you work with us, you’ll be dealing directly with the designer as your branding and marketing efforts evolve. Moja Creative exists to give people a better alternative than unreliable freelancers or costly agencies. To give you quality design, attentive service but most of all results.

We are a small team - that's how we like it.

Self-confessed branding and tech addicts Sharon and Nick Cobley take a refreshing hands-on approach to running their creative studio. They're closely involved in every project that passes through the studio. As a joined force, they've got a combination of creative and technical know-how that ensures every project has a balanced and considered approach.

Our skills and our values complement beautifully. We are united in our passion producing quality work and a healthy sense of fun.

How We Work

We love big-picture thinking.
We also love marketing plans and design briefs. If you don’t have a marketing action plan, we are happy to help you create one. By setting clear design deliverables, we can tune into your needs quickly to make sure your return on investment is swift and profitable.

A team comprised of exactly what you need
Moja’s team is highly experienced, and we leverage our in-house designers and developers for the majority of our branding and web projects, but our client's needs are extensive. So we happily collaborate with communication companies if we need more muscle for a specific project.

1 design process

What's with the name?

The word Moja is a Swahili word for 'One'. We like to think we are a pretty unique company, so 'one of a kind' is a fitting representation of who we are, we hope you agree.