Live chat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

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What if it were possible to answer the customer’s question before they ask it? Love it or fear it, live chat is indisputably changing the customer service landscape.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat is a messaging application by which customers or prospective customers can reach out to your company instantly online via your website and have a real-time conversation.

As it relates to customer service, live chat is a support channel in the way phone support and email help desks are.

It is one of the available methods by which customers can contact representatives and can help companies to:

  • Fill information gaps
  • Organise data
  • Make it actionable

Key things you should know about Live Chat

Although chat apps and live chat tools have existed for 15 or 20 years, in many ways, live chat is having a resurgence. Chat is more scalable than phone support. In most cases, agents can handle two or more conversations simultaneously without reducing the customer’s experience.

Customer expectations for response time are higher than email — the average wait time for chat is 45 seconds — so live chat support may require a more extensive team than email-only support. Chat isn’t the right channel for every question — sometimes conversations need to transition to other avenues for further investigation and follow-up.

The demand for online chat is growing.

As you first start exploring chat apps as a communication tool, you don’t have to offer chat to every customer.
Consider where the benefits of live chat will make the most impact. Perhaps it will be for your sales team, talking to incoming prospects. Or maybe it could be offered to VIP customers as an additional benefit. Many live chat tools make it easy to target your chat to particular pages and locations, whether that’s on your main website, inside an application, or attached to your Contact Us page.

Chat leads to happy customers. Customer satisfaction ratings for live chat are often higher than all other support channels, likely because of the speed and conversational nature.

Chat is the preferred support channel of millennials. Younger customers often feel more comfortable with live chat than they do with phone support or email.
Chat often inspires a less formal, more conversational interaction.

These real-time conversations with your prospects are an incredible opportunity to understand them better, serve them more quickly, and build a human connection. Live chat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As more companies adopt live chat across the globe and more people look to live chat a customer service channel of choice.

Engage with to your customers with personalised interactions in real-time

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