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The best reason to update a logo is to express more clearly a company’s brand personality.

A brand evolution (rather than a rebrand), is recommended if you need to update your brand without compromising your brand effectiveness or long term loyalty. A review of typefaces, colours and corporate taglines can all contribute to a fresh look and a more flexible identity.

Logo modernisation

Focusing on modernising your logo may be a smarter option than redesigning it. Some companies opt to modernise as they have spent many years building brand awareness, so to scrap it and start again would be unnecessary if they are just needing to improve the flexibility of the logo. Although if you're embarking in a new business direction and want to shake off the cobwebs, a redesign may be the fresh start you're looking for.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the job. At this stage, it’s best to contact us so we can find out the reason for your logo updates and what you will be needing to be developed. We can then cover any communication materials, websites or signage that may be affected by the update and work out a suitable branding roll-out. Read more on logo design.