Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Do digital marketing to convert more visitors into customers.

From the information to the buying process, everything is happening online and digital marketing should be integrated in your communication. 

Our digital marketing team can help you elevate your online presence and create a tailored digital strategy for your brand.

Online Reputation & Brand Building - Online Brand Health Check

According to your goals and your budget, Moja experts can do a deep marketing survey to get to know your brand and your target market, gain insight and generate brand awareness with a creative campaign. We can assist you all along the process with lead tracking and reporting to maximise your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

80% of Australian Internet users have a social media profile and 60% are actively checking their profile every day. Whether its B2B or B2C, social networks are offering great opportunity for you to spread the word about your brand and to engage with your audience. 

If Facebook or Instagram are changing their algorithm, our experts know how to run efficient social media campaigns and how to target your potential customers that are more likely to buy your products or your services. 

Email Marketing and Automation

Showing your clients that you care and engaging with them is principal focus of every online strategy. People don’t choose your brand for its products or services but for its soul and the experience it has to offer!

Engaging with your potential customers with automated messages, for their birthday or special events, to say welcome or to reward them, is quite important. Moja digital agency can work with you to reinforce your CRM using Email Marketing and Automation. Talk to one of our agents about your goals and we will assist you in your digital marketing strategy. 

Tactical Short-term Marketing

Not all marketing planning should be long-term. In fact, as part of a strategic business plan or marketing plan you may actually need a tactical marketing plan.

Strategy is all about the big picture of your objectives and goals while tactics are the tasks you need to do to actually get there.

Moja is a business that prides itself on a hands on practical approach to getting things done. We have created a Tactical Marketing Program that is quick to get started and after an initial Online Brand Health-Check, our digital and marketing team have the knowledge to deliver solutions to meet your short-term goals.

Let's get started!