Logo Design

We help brands discover and tell their best stories.

Logos are the tip of the branding iceberg but are the keystone to a meaningful brand. Moja has helped clients identify their brand, define it, and maintain it.

Our branding and logo design service can help;

  • a new business to get started,
  • modernise established organisations,
  • create a sub-branded hierarchy for products or services,
  • and brandmarks for industry associations and community events.
Logo Design

Our professional logos are customised to what you need, making our logo design prices highly affordable. We can, however, give you a ballpark instantly after a quick chat over the phone if we know the scope of design services.

Brand Messaging

For clients needing a more extensive branding project, we start with a thorough Brand Discovery session. The brand discovery session is all about understanding. Within this session, the aim is to understand as much relevant information as possible about your business, competition, ideas and ambitions.

Once you have your beautiful brand messaging, we can put it to use.

1) Include it in your brand guidelines.
2) Use it to brainstorm ideas
3) Clarify messaging for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

This is the foundations to position your brand in a way that helps you compete now—and tomorrow.