Logo Design

Logos are the tip of the branding iceberg but are the keystone to a meaningful brand.

Moja has helped clients across industries identify their brand, define it, and maintain it. We create brands for clients who value design service and ongoing assistance to maintain brand integrity long after the logo is completed.

Our logo design service can help;

  • a new business to get started,
  • modernise established organisations,
  • create a sub-branded hierarchy for products or services,
  • and brandmarks for industry associations and community events.

We don’t offer off the shelf logos, nor do we have a set logo design package. Our professional logos are customised to what you need, making our logo design prices highly affordable. We can, however, give you a ballpark instantly after a quick chat over the phone. Some clients need to present to board members or need a comprehensive brand book while others need something less involved.

To get your logo design project started we will:

  1. Discuss your ideas and purpose of use for the logo
  2. Identify supporting materials you may need
  3. Calculate design hours and quote project.