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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Not being found on Google is a massive loss of opportunity. You can’t close your eyes on SEO, its the backbone of your website. 

Do you want to be more visible online and get a better ranking on search engines? Would you like trackable, targeted, time-sensitive advertising?

Yes, I hear you say, then this is the general process we would follow:

  1. A SEO survey of your platform to see how we can improve your organic search performance.
  2. From the SEO survey, our digital expert will craft an SEO strategy that we will discuss with you. 
  3. Implementation of the strategy. This can include monthly detailed reports and feedbacks. 
  4. Once your SEO is improved, Moja can boost your online traffic using Paid Search Advertising.

Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a flexible search engine marketing platform which allows online advertisements to appear along-side organic search engine results. PPC displays an ad for your business directly in front of the people who are actively searching online for your products. This form of advertising is different from traditional advertising (print, radio and TV) where the advertiser only pays for impressions on their ad.

Why use PPC Management?

Having a dedicated, expert PPC team can help you avoid making expensive mistakes and help maximise the return on your advertising spend.
It can be particularly easy for less experienced staff to focus on the wrong metrics or to target inappropriate keywords leading to a plummeting ROI.

PPC Management Key Benefits:

  • No set-up fees
  • We charge a set monthly fee for campaign management, no hidden costs.
  • Guaranteed traffic in 24 hours
  • PPC traffic within 24 hours of launching your campaigns.

Monitoring Your Return on Investment 

  • We monitor and adapt campaigns accordingly to reduce your PPC spend, cost per lead/sale.
  • Targeted geographic reach
  • Target customers by city or country, focusing your spend on select geographic locations.
  • Easy to understand campaign summary every month
  • Along with a monthly campaign summary updates from us, we provide you with access to Google AdWords and Google Analytics, so you have access to all your campaign information that we do. It’s all part of our belief that management of your campaign should be 100% transparent.

PPC Management Service

Our flat fee keeps our pricing transparent, and we don’t charge a percentage of your campaign spend like many of our competitors, some of which charge as much as 60% of your campaign spend for management. We charge a monthly flat fee for management, based on the number of keywords and ad groups in your campaign.

All plans have a 3-month minimum commitment, and there is no setup charge. 

Steps to getting started

To get your PPC campaign started, we will:

1. Discuss your campaign objectives
2. Research and select the correct keywords
3. Calculate your ROI spend
4. Create targeted ad copy
5. Finalise budgets and launch the campaign

Don't hesitate to Contact us! We look forward to boosting your bottom line through your search engine marketing campaigns.