There is no 'big reveal' when working with Moja.

Our clients are true partners in the design process from the very beginning. We invite clients to iterate designs early and often as they evolve toward their final state. Once you're on-board with the project’s direction, our developers build your site’s unique functionality from scratch incorporating a robust and highly customisable content management system (CMS). That way, your needs can define the website’s features, rather than the other way around.

User Experience

User experience is an important part of your website design. It’s about how your platform guides your audience, in every step of the learning and buying process.

Our web designers and developers work together to ensure the best experience for your customers along their journey on your website.

Ready to make your website work harder for you? We can help in the following ways:

  • Ongoing content management support for your website
  • E-commerce facilities on your existing website or a stand-alone online retail store
  • Website hosting & domain name registration
  • Responsive design for improved mobile viewing experiences
  • Website copywriting

Quality is important

What good is your system if it can't stand on its feet? An ample amount of testing time is allocated to the usability of your website project which ensures that all initial design theories translate into practice. Bugs are squashed and behaviour observed, allowing us to polish the process and deliver a standout product that your customers will be happy to use.

Ongoing support

Working with us is more than just receiving a great website design, it’s about the long term relationship after the site is launched.

Our post-launch strategy goes beyond tweaks and updates and helps you plan for long-term growth with ongoing site enhancements and online marketing campaigns.

Contact us and tell us about your project!