“Working with us, you’ll quickly discover that we don’t resemble your typical design company. We’re a unique hybrid — a distinct blend of brand strategy, design and technology.”

We work with everyone from start-up's to blue chips, bringing brands to life through powerful ideas and expertly crafted design. This is what it's all about for us, turning the intangible into the desirable.

Moja comprises of highly experienced designers and developers for branding, graphic design and web projects, but our client needs are extensive. So we happily manage and collaborate with your or our preferred copywriters, photographers, sign installers and video production teams if we need more muscle for a project.

We keep it real.

We’re a different kind of agency where the principals of the business are also the creators of the work and each client’s primary point of contact. This is how we are able to roll up our sleeves and become highly effective extensions to our client's team – bringing together a mix of strategic planning, creative thinking and commercial insight to every job.

Work life balance

Finding new ways of looking at things can lead to new exciting projects. We stay curious and enjoy hobbies to help energise and motivate.

We focus on people

At the end of the day, we are dealing with people and we care about them. We want our clients to know us as people too.

We simplify

We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple. Everything we do is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks.