Ellenbrook Secondary College Logo Design

The logo needed to have a connection to the local area and ideas that prevailed in the student's entries was the river, local fauna, trees and people. So with that in mind, we set out to work on a icon that would link many of these element.

Not only is the leaf motif a symbol for growth, it also reflects the river winding through the Swan Valley and the communities that thrives along its banks.

logo ellenbrook-college-01-2011

The final logo couldn't have been created without the input of the dedicated students. The below 6 students helped to shape the Ellenbrook Secondary School's logo with their work. Thank you for your contribution to this design.

The final logo has been inspired by:

  • James (1) and Alyssa (2). Both the students images incorporate branches and vines reflecting growth and the environment.
  • Jade (3) and Sean (4). Both the students images incorporate a repetitive pattern within the leaves and turtle shell that inspired a repetitive pattern to the logo in the leaves.
  • Bianca (5) and Madison (6). Both the students concepts have been inspirational with both addressing unity and the environment. This can be depicted by the leaf 'communities' along the river in the logo.

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