A flexible and adaptive process is how we’ll lead your business to the results you need. No surprises, no hold-ups, just effective branding, tailored to your business.

We work with clients in the following ways:

1. Single Design Project

Just as the name suggests, this is a one-time assignment that includes all relevant services. We give you an estimate in advance and bill on completion or progress during a project if it’s longer than 2 weeks.

2. Short-Term Design Agreement

This is a short term agreement during which we can combine our services for campaigns and larger scoped projects. We usually work on a variety of design tasks that are identified in the initial briefing. For our agreed design fee, we provide strategic planning, graphic design for print and digital, custom illustrations and photography, social media graphics website and project management services. All production costs (printing, professional photography/video, for example, are quoted and billed separately.)

3. Ongoing Design Support Agreement

We have developed the Design Support Agreement to serve clients who have a wide range of marketing needs that cannot neatly be placed into individual campaigns. With an ongoing design support agreement, we can plan, create and execute an array of scheduled design work to be performed and bill monthly. We can create and action a marketing plan and deliver this throughout the year to reach your goals.

This works well with companies who need creative assistance for business/promotional materials, print jobs and website updates and can utilise a single company who knows their brand, goals, budgets, resources and constraints.