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Do you need creativity without compromise? If so, our highly experienced designers are always on hand to get the job done.

With A Focus on Communication

We’re big on initial talks to cover a lot of ground quickly. Are you open to suggestions, or are just needing design assistance bringing your vision to reality skillfully. This initial discussion allows us to get a feel of what you are envisaging, and how far we can push the brief. This could be print finishes or a design style that bucks the norm in your industry that you may not have considered. We then start working up concepts to see what has 'legs' and eliminate ideas that are not suitable for the output. For example, the proportion of a logo may not work at a small scale for promotional merchandise, or a brand colour palette may clash with apparel colours for garments. We quickly find out any hurdles and work quickly to overcome them by our years of design thinking and knowing our products and final production output on everything we produce.

This helps us to explore lots of creative ideas quickly so our clients get more for their money. Sketches are also more inclusive and encourage better feedback during the early project stages. Rather than simply presenting three designs and asking out clients to pick the one they dislike the least, we work collaboratively to get the best creative results.

When a company logo design needs to be professionally altered for Promotional material, we are experienced in creating merchandise materials that have different production processes, but the final collective branding suite of products are all harmonious.

Whether it's engraving onto a promotional pen, working out the optimal logo size and position for pad printing on promotional water bottles or screen printed logo on ceramic coffee mugs, we consider printing clarity and long-term product use wear and tear in our decisions.

Competence & Turnaround

Most of our clients have clients themselves – whether these are internal departments, stakeholders or other businesses. We know how important it is to get the creative right and deliver on time. The full-service design isn’t just about the creative, it’s about the ability to get the job done, the attention to detail and the relationship. Moja has clients that have used us for years as they can rely on us to deliver.