Written by Nick on .

We understand that as a business owner you want much more than another pretty logo or website, you want something that actually works and delivers what it promises; be it more enquiries, more business, more sales. Whatever it may be, your company’s complete identity and online presence needs to work for you.

It’s a basic metaphor, but quite fitting I think.

Gathering the kindling

It all starts with an idea. Your inspiration is refined and assembled into a solid case of a profitable business. At this point you know you have a good idea for a successful business, but where to next?

Finding the flint

At this point you have acknowledged that you need some help. Welcome to Moja, your communications partner. To get things underway we like to meet and discuss your goals and direction for your business.

Nurturing the spark

The key to success is a good plan of attack. Making a good impression is critical to business success. We make you look good. We work out your desired marketing budget and put in place effective and compelling promotions for your business.

Now we’re cooking

This is no time to get complacent with the great results so far. If you stop adding fuel to the fire good chance is it will dwindle. This is the time to reinvest your recent success back into building your brand.